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Free your inner mystic

Welcome soul family! 


INAMYSTIC is all about creating a safe space for growth and healing. 

To grow into the most authentic embodied desired self. 

This is the space to free your inner mystic!


Be Loud, Be Free, Dance and Sing!


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About Me

The Path to Soul Healing

Iakwe Angels, I am Natasha.

It is a blessing to connect with you. 

I am a mother of 3 and married to my soul love. 

I was adopted at a young age and thus, disconnected from my parents, my cultural roots, and myself. 


The lockdown of 2020 was a great spiritual death and rebirth for my mind, body and soul. What felt lonely and dark, was just a tunnel to this bright, blissful moment we are at now.

During this time, I gained a deep inner-standing of self.

After massive amounts of shadow work, mind reprogramming, and healing my inner-child; I fully awakened to my souls mission.

My souls mission is to guide others into their own awakening to their full authentic self embodiment by using my natural born gifts and life experiences. 


We are all worth the healing, love and life we desire. 


The Micronesian Goddess within me was ignited and has risen.

I am an infinite embodied soul leader, here to help find your own light and power within. 

 *Iakwe & Infinite Blessings*


Want to hear something Magical?

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. 

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