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Say "Yes" To Self

What would it mean to say "Yes" to yourself?

Would it be saying "yes" to more rest? Maybe saying "yes" to taking the whole day off and following your soul?

What would it look and feel like to say "yes" to yourself every single day?

It would be absolutely amazing, right? YES!

There is so many ways we can say "yes" to ourselves on a daily basis, even in the smallest of ways.

Here are some ways,

  • - Take a break when feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. Say "Yes" I deserve a brain break.

  • - Break out in song or dance and say "Yes" to doing something fun or out of your comfort zone.

  • - Eat at a new restaurant and say "Yes" to new adventures.

  • - Take a herbal salt bath and say "Yes" to rejuvenation.

  • - Get a couple friends together for a date and say "Yes" to your social life

  • - Go out in nature and connect with Earth, say "Yes" to your connection with life.

  • - Put on your favorite sweater and say "Yes" to comfort.

Your life is all about YOU!

We can find so many ways to say "Yes" to self and give ourselves that empowerment that we so deserve.

So how are you going to say "Yes" to yourself today?

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